Microsoft new big thing windows 8 said to the most secure operating system ever created by the Microsoft, by adding bulk of new tools and features. Despite of this we can crack windows password without any 3rd party tool. Although there are many tools available in the market to reset password but we will tell you the easier way and it take only ten using built in trouble shoot tools and some few directives of command prompt.


The trick was found user Jamal Naji. We will discuss the trick how to do reset password in details.Windows crack comes down to just replacing the Ease of Access centre app (this process is called utilman.exe) with another copy of a Command Prompt file (cmd.exe).

When you able to swap the System Recovery and rebooted, Windows 8 logins screen will be seen again. On login screen click the Ease of Access button shows on the bottom-left corner of the screen. When you click the Ease of Access button command prompt window will open,the command prompt has full admin privilege,means that will grant you full access to edit or modify many things like other users’ passwords.Reboot and restore both exe file to their previous states and With in ten minutes you crack windows which is the most secure windows of Microsoft to date said by the Microsoft vice president during media breifing about windows 8.

This windows crack is not only work with windows 8 but also work for windows 7,xp and other windows version.Surprisingly Microsoft did not create any patch to secure this security hole until now.