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How to configure/use ProRat Trojan to hack someone's PC (Free download and instructions)

I have already written a post on hacking into someone's PC which was using Beast Trojan, you can check that by clicking here, and this time, i will show you how to configure ProRat Trojan to hack into your victim's computer. ProRat is also a Trojan making program which is similar to Beast Trojan but in compare to Beast,           ProRat is much better.
  •     It can connect to the server more faster. 
  •     It has more features/functions to play with your victim's PC. 
  •     Easy to configure. 

Lets start the Tutorial:
Download ProRat and extract anywhere in your PC.
Now run ProRat.exe and then click on Create- Create ProRat Server (342 Kbayt)

From the Notifications tab, in the first option "Use ProConnective Notification" type your IP address. (If you don't know your IP address, simply click on the red arrow and it will automatically fill your IP address).
Now in the second option "Use Mail Notifications" type your Email address where you want to receive notification when the server is installed on your victim's PC.

In the General Settings Tab, leave as it is but don't forget to remember the password. You will be required to enter the password at the time of connection.
Now come to the Bind with File tab. Mark the box "Bind server with a file" and then click on Select File. Now select any file you want to bind with the server.(Binding means combining two files into one)
You can also change the extension of the server if you want by going to the Server Extensions tab.
Now click on Server Icon tab and select an icon for the bind files. Choose the icon wisely. If your have bind the server with some program, then select the setup icon or if your have bind the server with an image file, than select an image icon.
Finally click on Create Server.

Now the server will be created in your current directory (the extracted folder). Send or give the server to your victim and once your victim runs the bind file in his PC, the server will be installed silently on your victim's PC. After the server is installed on your victim's PC, the server will send you an email on your given email ID to confirm you that it's been installed successfully on the victim's PC. After getting the email, run ProRat again, then click onProConnective and then click on Start to list the ProConnective connections. After then, a new window will open which will show you weather your victim is online on not.

Happy HACKING :-)
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What Is RAT ( Remote Access Trojan ) ? How Does It Works ?

RAT stands for Remote Access Trojanor Remote Administration Tool. It is one of the most dangerous virus out their over the internet. Hacker can use RAT to get complete control to your computer. He can do basicly anything with your computer. Using RAT hacker can install keyloggers and other malicious viruses remotely to your computer, infect files on your system and more. In this post i will tell you about what hacker can do with your computer using RAT and tell you about some commonly use RAT by hackers.

What is RAT ?

As i have told you in my introduction paragraph RAT is Remote Access trojan. It is a peace of software or program which hacker uses to get complete control of your computer. It can be send to you in form of images, videos or any other files. Their are some RAT that even your antivirus software can not detect. So always be sure about what you are downloading from the internet and never save or download files that anonymous user send you over the mail or in chat room.

What You can do with RAT ?

Once a RAT is installed on any computer hacker can do almost anything with that computer. Some malicious task that you can do with RAT are listed below:

Infecting Files
Installing Keyloggers
Controlling Computer
Remotely start webcam, sounds, movies etc
Using your PC to attack Website (DDOS)
View Screen

Harmless RAT or Good RAT

As you have seen how harmfull RAT are for your computer, but their are some good RAT which some of you might be using daily. You might have heard of TeamViewer, it is a software which you use to control some one's computer with his permission for file transfer, sharing your screen and more.

Some Commonly Used RAT
CyberGate RAT
DarkComet RAT
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