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5 Programming Languages That U Must Learn

The information technology (IT) sector is escalating its position in the industry at an extremely rapid rate. Students from different backgrounds are now opting for IT based degrees, but it is not sufficient to become a successful IT engineer. It is essential and necessary for a software engineer to have a complete and appropriate knowledge about the popular programming languages.

C Programming Language

This is a language that has become exceedingly popular these days. Originally, it was developed as a programming language for the UNIX operating system, but it can be used in
other operating systems as well. C programming language has been in the top rank and is considered a lot better compared to Java in terms of speed, making it a fast programming language.

Java Programming Language
This language is considered to be the best one when it comes to the most popular and preferred programming languages. It has been the most utilized programming languages.
Java language acquired popularity because of the Java Virtual Machine, as it aid the Java based applications to run on any other operating system. The Android mobile operating system has been developed with Java.

Objective-C Programming Language

It is another incredible programming language popular these days. It is one of the great programming languages when you are considering establishing your future as a successful programmer. The iOS, Mac operating system requires the programmer to have an appropriate knowledge of the Objective-C programming language. It has also been developed under the similar concept of C Programming Languages.

C++ Programming Language

C++ has been developed to surmount the negative elements of the C language. It happens to be very much compatible with various other operating system when compared to C. C++ is more speed than C. A large number of device software, business applications, and games have been developed using the C++ Programming Language platform.

PHP Programming Language

When it comes to Web, PHP is the most preferred programming language. All the modification and editing related to Web based applications are normally done with the help of PHP language. It is one of the most popular, featured and useful programming languages.
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