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UBuntu Latest Ed

UBuntu Latest Edition Is Now Realesed Leak Download

Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a Web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and other applications.

What's new in this version: Version 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) includes new launcher and dash and a clever workspace manager.

This download is an ISO file and requires a CD burner and blank CD to burn the disc image.

Download Now Click Here

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Linux Based OS Download Free From Official Servers

Download ubuntu For Your Desktop
>> Download ubuntu 12.10 For Your Desk

Arch Linux Download Lite OS
>>Lite OS Arch Linux Download
Fedora OS Download FP
>>Fedora 32 Bit OS Download
Linux Mint Direct Download Homepage
>>Download Linux Mint OS Latest Edition
Scientific Linux Download Free
>>Scientific Linux Download Free
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5 Linux Based OS That Used In Your Old Hardware

The first on the list and the first to be based on the immensely popular Ubuntu distribution. Xubuntu uses Ubuntu as a base, which provides great compatibility and full access to Canonical’s repositories.

Instead of the usual GNOME desktop environment found in Ubuntu (or KDE in Kubuntu) this release uses the lightweight XFCE environment for a speedier interface. It’s not quite as shiny as vanilla Ubuntu, but if you’re a fan of the operating system then it’s certainly worth a punt.

The only real drawback is that much of the packages you’ll be downloading will require quite a lot of disk space, though this depends on your taste in software and demands from the OS.

Another highly popular and light distro, often heralded as the be-all and end-all of lightweight computing. Built from the ground up (and thus, not based on any previous Linux distributions) Puppy is designed to run from a USB stick or CD and weighs in at less than 100MB.

The OS runs completely in RAM, and should be compatible with decent selection of older hardware (often an issue with built-from-scratch distributions). You can choose to save personal data to USB devices or even the cloud using services like

There’s a limited amount of software available, but for older machines that just need to type and surf, it’ll get the job done.

A derivative of Puppy Linux, Macpup is based on Lucid Puppy which provides binary compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 packages. This gives you a great amount of freedom with regards to software, though if you’re going to be doing any serious downloading you’ll need the disk space.

Another major difference between Puppy and Macpup is the desktop environment. Macpup uses theEnlightenment E17 window manager for added desktop sparkle. At 188MB, the current version isn’t the smallest of the bunch but there’s plenty of bundled software to get you going.

Another Ubuntu-based distribution, providing the usual compatibility and software availability. Lubuntu uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) to provide a basic yet functional graphical interface.

The team eventually aim to earn official endorsement from Ubuntu’s overseers Canonical. Whilst not being the prettiest distribution here, Lubuntu is fast and functional and definitely worth keeping an eye on if light distros are your thing.

With a tiny download size of just 30MB SliTaz really manages to pack a decent punch for its minute size. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects to SliTaz is the inclusion of a fully functional web server (Lighttpd) with PHP and CGI support. There’s also SSH and FTP tools for all your server needs.

Firefox is included for web browsing, and there’s a couple of other useful tools such as a PDF reader, media player and a few text editors.

Built from scratch from the ground up, some users may have difficulty with hardware support, though it’ll only cost you 30MB and a blank CD to find out. A very impressive package!
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Mandriva Linux 2013 ISO Download Free

A better, simpler environment

A new graphical theme has been created for the desktop including a full range of icons.

The login manager (KDM) was also improved, with bigger icons, it allows to perfectly see faces photo when logging in.

The file manager Dolphin is even more simplified without menu bar.

With this same goal of ergonomy, the full feature and lightweight music player Clementine as well as the photo manager Shotwell were adopted.

Pitivi video editor has been updated to version 0.14.2 it includes many new video effects and an improved ergonomy

Mandriva Smart Desktop

Mandriva continues to improve its Mandriva Smart Desktop. Nepomuk, the component that manages informations on informations, has received a faster backend engine (Virtuoso).

TimeFrame is a SimpleWelcome panel. It shows the files (document, videos, photos) used by the different applications on a time line. It becomes possible to find a file by just knowing when it was saved. TimeFrame is based on Nepomuk.

The desktop environment integrates the notion of Activity. An activity is a group of application and a configuration of the desktop (specific desktop icons, background image, ...)



Firefox 5.0.1 is the well known open source full featured web browser.

The 5.0.1 version includes plenty of new functions.

You will find sites quicker thanks to the functions of the location bar. Just type part of an url, or a word of a page title, and Firefox will propose to you the corresponding sites.

A myriad of small graphical interface change will increase your speed and productivity : new place for the Home button, new bookmark button, all menu items accessible from a single button, a new place for the reload button, ...

The tab line is now above the navigation bar. It means that all current web page informations and content are better grouped. A new function (Panorama) allows to group and view tab contents quickly and visually.

The speed of the html rendering engine and of javascript have been increased.

Firefox now fully support html5 and smil as well as html and svg as it previously did. Web sites with even more graphical animation will emerge from the support of these technologies.

Download Mandriva Linux 2011 ISO Click Here
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