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Make a Bootable Backtrack CD / USB | Easy Method |

Today i will teach how to boot backtrack from CD/Usb .This method might come very handy when you are in schools, offices where you cant install third party software's . Backtrack is a Linux distro with all the essential tools required for penetration testing this makes it a must have Arsenal for every pentester .

How To Boot Backtrack From CD/USB
Follow the steps given below to make a bootable Backtrack CD/Usb

Things we need

1. First thing we need is Backtrack ISO .You can download the latest version of backtrack from Here

2. Universal USB installer used for usb conversion .You can download it from Here

3. Power ISO used for extracting the ISO files .You can download it from Here

Making a Bootable Backtrack CD

1. First Install Power ISO and open it .Now open the Backtrack ISO file which we downloaded earlier by going to file ----->open -------->"Your destination of the backtrack ISO file "

2. Now insert a blank CD/DVD into the burner .Now click the Burn button and follow the on screen instructions once complected burning you can use the CD to boot Backtrack

Making a Bootable Backtrack USB

1. Open Universal USB Installer .Select the backtrack version , Backtrack ISO file and USB
drive and click Create

2. Follow the on screen instructions .once completed you can boot Backtrack from Usb

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Increase Speed of Pen Drive


To use this Trick just follow the simple Steps:
  • Connect the USB or Pen Drive to Computer. 
  • Open My Computer >> Right Click USB or Pen Drive >> Properties.
  • Then on the Hardware Tab select the USB or Pen Drive connected and then click Properties >> Policies Tab. 
  • Now select "Optimize for Performance" Option rather than "Optimize for Quick Removal" and click Ok. 
  • Now just Format the USB or Pen Drive with NTFS File System by Selecting Format Option from the Drop Down Menu of Formatting.
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How TO Use Your Pendrive As Ram

Just Follow These Steps To Use your Pen Drive As Ram :
Step 1 : Insert your Pendrive
Step 2 : Now Go To My Computer Properties and click on advanced
Step 3 : Now Click On Setting Of Performance
Step 4 : Now Click On Change
Step 5 : Now Select The Pendrive And Click On Custom Size
Enter 1024 in Initial Size And 3028 in Maximum Size
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How To Set Wallpaper In Pen Drive

Are you bored of viewing the same white background in your USB pen
drive, here is a trick where you can easily set colorful wallpapers on
your USB background

For that you need the following code:- [{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-
Copy and paste it in a notepad file, and specify the image file name
(here it is hack.bmp), then save it in your memory stick or pendrive as
desktop.ini also you are supposed to keep the image file on the
memory stick or your pendrive.
Refresh and view the background. Now every time when you open your
pendrive it will show background wallpaper.
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