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How To Generate HTTP Direct Download Link Fore Your Torrent Files?

There are several reasons for which people hates to download files from Torrent sites. Some of the common reasons are getting low download speed, some times download stops at 99% because seeders stop seeding the file, and many other problems. That is why people prefer direct download HTTP link instead of torrent files, which they can use to download file from Download Managers like IDM and Dap Plus.

Now imagine you can get direct download link for every torrent file on internet? Yes you can get, if you know exactly how to do so. There are some sites on internet which you can use to get direct download links for your torrent files. Just go to these sites, enter the URL or Torrent Hash URL and you will get direct download HTTP link for any torrent file.

There are 2 sites that you can use to direct download any Torrent file. First is and second is

Steps To Get Direct Download Link From

1). First find your desired file by searching it on torrent sites.

2). Get the Download Link of torrent file or download the torrent file.

3). Now go to and either enter download link or upload file.

4). Now Click on Go Free and After Some time you will see a Download Button with your direct Download link.

Steps To Get Direct Download Link From
1). First go to and create free account and login..

2). Click on Add Torrent in the header on site.

3). Now search your torrent file to add it or enter download link of the fle to add torrent , or upload the torrent file for which you want to get direct download link.

4). Click The Add Torrent Button.

5). Now as soon as the download of your file is completed they will send you the direct download link on your email id or will show it in your account.
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